success at Eat My Pasty


People often determine success by money, flourishing prosperity. Not often do we take our failures as success due to the climb and struggle it took to get us here. But isn’t putting one foot in front of the other an everyday accomplishment? Shouldn’t we be proud we woke up, got dressed, and continued to march forward? Not giving up is one of the biggest success stories ever told.

Those failures either make us or break us. The downfalls are what help us adjust our circumstances and give us cues on how to improve. What if we were thankful for our missteps? It could change your outlook on everything. That’s exactly what happened to Jeff & Stacey Temperley and their American dream. They’ve chosen to keep going and to build from everything negative or positive that’s come their way.

The reason they have built a solid business in such a short time is not because they let every ‘no’ dictate their future. It’s not just the hard work and perseverance that give you a nicely wrapped business with a bow on it. You take those failures and you learn from them. You keep your vision right in front of you and aim higher each time. When Eat My Pasty reaches a milestone it reminds them of how they’ve moved forward and continued to use those challenges to build on.

Now today, here we are. We have a staff just as passionate about where we want this to go. Our next project with opening a second location is on the horizon, and our food truck is on the way. The next reach is to travel, expand, and open many franchisees where we show them our recipe to success. However, you’ve got to push through hard times and keep going.

So, in the near future please look for Temperley’s British Eatery to be opening soon, and we hope you will come by for a bite that we are happy to serve you!