This way to Culture!It’s true that here in beautiful Panama City Beach, FL we have several names for our city. Redneck Riviera, lower Alabama, and ‘the party city’…it’s all about perception. Our city was founded on May 2, 1936 and is a melting pot for international immigrants making their mark as Floridians. Caribbean and Southern cuisine seems to be the norm of what our tourists expect when coming to the Panhandle on vacation. However, with so many global influences the true hidden gems of our small beach town are very cultural. You just gotta know where to find them.

In addition to our beautiful white sandy beaches, I think vacationers and even locals that are bored with the same attractions would be interested in a diverse experience. If you’ve never been to PCB then the basic tourist attractions and restaurants might just be your cup of tea. Although, if you find yourself frequently going to the same unchanging spots, it’s time to live a little. What truly makes it a vacation? It’s freedom to choose your release from life. For a local, how do you choose to spend your day off of work? Again, it’s freedom to choose your release from life. Let your choices be more than your perception.

Let’s take a second to appreciate our choices. Take a painting class, enjoy our Farmer’s Markets, take a hike through a state park, take in a live theatre show, or how about going to a local dive that will expand your palate. This may shock some of you, but PCB does have culture! Like I said, look for the hidden gems. The places that will expand your view point and challenge you. You wouldn’t normally think of finding a British eatery here, but as many people have found out they offer an expansive menu to suit just about everyone.

Of course I’m talking about Eat My Pasty. What is a pasty you ask? Come in and find out! Best way I can describe it, is savory and sweet pies that are a traditional British fast food. They also cater to our American taste buds with 7 unique burgers. They are handmade with bison, duck, lamb or beef. The most famous item? Their fish and chips! Crispy and flaky all at the same time. The owners take pride in being #1 on TripAdvisor, and on they made the top 5 burgers in PCB. One thing you can count on is the owner Jeff being out front and welcoming you with his witty British humor.

I hope you will expand your choices and help change the perception of Panama City Beach and everything our town has to offer. We’re more than a vacation destination, it’s a way of life. And life is too short to maintain a monotonous existence.